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Greetings From Abby Bowen, BOD President

Jeanne Bandy

Hello friends and music lovers.

The Durango Choral Society has seen many changes since I became Board President in 2020. We had two years of uncertainty due to Covid but nevertheless managed to remain a strong presence in the community. This year brings exciting changes as well. After 25 years, our Artistic Director Linda Mack Bervan retired and Rhonda Muckerman, Associate Director these last two years, has taken up the reins of Artistic Director and Conductor. We know you will love her just as much as we do.

We are in a stronger position today than we could imagine. Our Children's Choruses are bigger than ever and have represented Durango in All State Choir the last two years; we have many new singers, some from the Fort; and we have set into place plans to join with other choruses from around the Four Corners Area and beyond to make beautiful music together.

We have been successful with the help of a strong Board of Directors, an amazing Executive Director Dawn Spaeder, our Artistic Directors, Amy Barrett and Rhonda Muckerman, talented accompanist Christi Livingston, and tireless administrative associate Robin Randolph.

But most of all, our success is due to you: our loyal audience. We would not be such an integral part of Durango's cultural scene without your continued support and encouragement.

We thank you and are looking forward to sharing this next era of music with you.

Abby Bowen
DCS Board President

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